Case Study

Uniform Destruction – Charity Organisation

Uniform Destruction – Charity Organisation

Our customer is one of the worlds largest and best known charity organisation with a presence in Ireland.

Their brand and reputation in this sector are the most important assets they have. They have collection agents who work with them on a full and part time basis in the fund raising effort. To present themselves appropriately during these efforts staff are issued with uniforms featuring the charities logo and the fundraisers name.

This lends credibility and transparency to their efforts and is a key success factor when it comes fundraising efforts. The challenge they face in this area is that they are conscious of the downside, what if one of these uniforms was to fall into the wrong hands and they were to be represented by a rogue in uniform. This could cause huge problems. That’s why they came to us. We provide an end of life uniform destruction service that manages this risk of affers the client the peace of mind they require. We think the pictures speak for themselves.

This is a service we provide to many sectors, Banks, Airlines, Security firms, Supermarkets and Pharmacy chains. If you have staff representing your business in uniform are you managing this risk?. In our experience this is one of the big risks to business and is the area most overlooked. We find that responsible businesses are nowadays on-top of the risk when it comes to confidential documents and end of life hard drives but we know from experience that uniforms are often overlooked and disposed of in less than ideal circumstances. Is this a service you are in need of? Give us a call and we will tailor a solution that suits your organisation and gets this risk factor under control.