How Scheduled Document Destruction Improves Efficiency

How Scheduled Document Destruction Improves Efficiency

Many companies spend a lot of money trying to save money. They bring in efficiency experts to consult about workflow, office layout and internal communications. That expertise can make a real difference to productivity and ultimately profit. As companies grow, new, more streamlined structures and systems need to replace older, less organised approaches. But sometimes a company can dramatically increase their efficiency with one simple change. Organising regularly scheduled document destruction has a lot of knock-on benefits, and they add up to greatly improved efficiency and productivity.

For starters, doing regular tasks on a schedule ensures they get done. Having an established timeline for recurring tasks means that time is not lost deciding if it is time to do that job or not. It also means that one task is not disrupting another. If people leave their shredding and waiting until it is disrupting their work to do it, that hinders productivity. The noise of the office shredding machine can also disrupt other staff, which is one reason that hiring professional data shredding services for regularly scheduled document destruction improves efficiency and productivity.

How Eliminating Clutter Boosts Productivity

Arranging for a professional data shredding services specialist to come to your location for regularly scheduled document destruction boosts productivity in another way, one that is harder to measure or quantify. It helps reduce clutter. Clutter is more than annoying and unsightly.

At the most basic level, people can’t find what they need quickly and most take time to move things around in order to clear space to complete tasks in a cluttered work environment. But clutter takes a mental toll, too. A study published in Current Psychology journal linked clutter with procrastination and general life dissatisfaction. Other researchers have linked clutter to the stress hormone cortisol. While old documents are not the only form of clutter in an office, they are one that can be dealt with easily. Regular document destruction, whether it is done by staff or by professional data shredding services, helps prevent workspaces from becoming cluttered. It also promotes a general ethos of decluttering the space.

The easiest way to deal with old paperwork that is no longer needed is to turn the job over to data shredding services professionals who can bring a mobile shredding unit to your location. If your documents include sensitive information and you need to be sure you are complying with the GDPR, look for a company that can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, as Cyclone Shredding can.