Professional Uniform Destruction for Rebranding

Professional Uniform Destruction for Rebranding

If you are planning to rebrand your company in 2019, you need to make uniform destruction a part of your plans. When a company rebrands, the focus is naturally on the new logo and ensuring that it is used on all materials. The website must be redesigned. Letterhead, brochures and other stationery must be replaced. And of course, if the staff wear any kind of uniform, those must be replaced with new ones using the new logo. But what about the old materials and uniforms? It is easy enough to contact a professional shredding company for the printed materials. But too often the old uniforms are overlooked.

It is especially easy to overlook work clothes that are not traditional uniforms such as hoodies and fleeces with the company logo. But even these need to be considered. If staff are wearing them, firstly they are out of step with the new brand and this will create confusion. Secondly, there is a danger of the uniforms being misused. This risk is greatest when a number of uniforms are simply thrown away.

One of the most critical elements of workwear to consider when rebranding is ID badges. Whenever staff leave or the badges are designed, there is a risk of your company’s ID being misused. Whether it is a disgruntled former employee or an opportunistic thief, the potential to misuse official ID to commit fraud is serious. But the risk is easily eliminated when you have a policy and process for proper uniform destruction by a professional shredding company.

Best Options for Uniform Destruction

Simply throwing uniforms, ID badges and other branded items in the trash is not destroying them. They can be stolen from the trash. For real security, uniform destruction is the only answer. So what is the best option? Like many things, outsourcing it to a qualified professional is the best tactic.

It is not a good use of your staff’s time to cut up their old uniforms. Hiring a professional shredding company means the job is done quickly and completely. Cyclone Shredding will come to you, so none of your time is lost bringing a load of old uniforms to us. Our staff will arrive in their official uniforms, which shows how seriously we take uniforms! We will completely destroy your old uniforms and ID badges then and there, solving the problem.


If you are doing a rebrand, you are likely to have a large volume of old uniforms, ID badges and other branded items to be destroyed at one time. But with staff turnover, it is quite normal to have one or two branded items needing to be destroyed.

If you have space, you can have a secure place on your premises to accumulate discarded staff shirts, jackets, ID badges and the like until you have a large amount ready. Or you can contact us to talk about uniform destruction on a smaller scale.