All About On Site Document Shredding Services

All About On Site Document Shredding Services

Every business needs to destroy data stored in both paper files and hard drives to comply with GPDR data protection requirements. Many offices have a paper shredder or two for the job. But is that the best approach? Is the most cost-effective way for a company to meet its GPDR data protection obligations? If a firm wants to shred on site, they have two options. They can have their own staff do it or they can hire mobile document shredding services.

When staff shred documents themselves, they are generally complying with GPDR data protection policies. But they are also spending their time doing a task that does not use their real skills and expertise. When staff shred on site, it takes them away from their main job. It also leaves the company without any solid documentation that they have met their GDDR data protection obligations.

A company that opts to hire mobile document shredding services to shred on site gains some advantages. But is there a downside? Do those advantages outweigh the extra expense? Let’s look at the benefits and the costs of employing an outside company to come and destroy paper files.

Pros & Cons of Document Shredding Services

The key advantages of hiring a mobile document shredding company to shred on site are that staff can focus on their actual jobs, increasing their productivity. The company is not losing productivity while people stand there shredding a few pages at a time. But that is only the most obvious advantage. Shredding paper is messy. Outsourcing the job to document shredding services also outsources the mess because they will do the shredding in their own mobile unit. The tiny bits of paper and annoying noise are kept out of the office.

Good on-site document shredding services can provide more than increased productivity and decreased mess and noise. Cyclone Shredding will also provide your company with a Certificate of Destruction, confirming that the business has complied with GPDR data protection requirements. Whether you choose regularly scheduled shredding services or opt for occasional document clear outs, our security-vetted operatives will shred on site under your supervision and give you a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that job has been done.

So what about the cons? Documents won’t be shredded instantly. Your company will need to keep documents waiting to be shredded in a secure place until your on site shred happens.  It is up to your company how often that is. If you are unsure how often your business would need to have shredding done, we’re happy to discuss it with you and help you develop a schedule that provides the most value to your company. You do need to plan for shredding in your budget. But we’re pretty confident you’ll find these are minor issues easily outweighed by the benefits of hiring on site document shredding services.

If you are considering using mobile shredding services, we’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide a quote. Another advantage of working with Cyclone Shredding is that we can also shred hard drives, branded uniforms and other branded items.