Avoid This Mistake When Upgrading Your Company’s Computers

Avoid This Mistake When Upgrading Your Company’s Computers

Is it time to upgrade your company’s computers? It’s easy to maintain some denial about this task. It has the potential to disrupt the business’ workflow, and no one likes that. But if your computers are slowing down and you’re spending more time listening to the fans whirl loudly while you wait for programmes to load, it is probably time to upgrade your company’s computers.

It is true a lot can go wrong when you upgrade your company’s computers. Data can get lost. People can be shut out of the new system. But taking the time to do each step carefully and make a complete back up can prevent those errors.

The big mistake people often make is in how they dispose of their old computers.

And now, the General Data Protection Regulation means every business that stores data about clients or customers has a legal obligation to protect it, including how they dispose of it.

The benefits of upgrading are many. Your computers will run faster and they’ll be able to support newer software that lets people do their jobs more efficiently. So upgrading your company’s computers is an investment that pays. But it is critical to make GDPR compliance a central part of your switchover plan.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance When You Upgrade Computers

The challenge is that simply deleting data from your hard drives when you upgrade your company’s computers is not adequate. It isn’t really completely gone, and criminals could retrieve it. Donating your old computers to charity does not absolve your company of their responsibility or ensure the safety of the data. You must totally destroy personal data stored on your computers with a process that assures your GDPR compliance.

If you search online, you will find any number of complicated, silly and occasionally dangerous methods to destroy data. But this is not a DIY job. To maintain your company’s good name and GDPR compliance, it is best to hire a professional hard drive shredding company.

Hiring a mobile hard drive shredding company that provides an official Certificate of Destruction ensures your GDPR compliance and gives you great peace of mind. Not only will you know for certain that the data is destroyed, but you will also have tangible evidence that you took the proper steps to ensure its destruction. This is of extreme importance when upgrading your company’s computers.

Upgrading your company’s computers involves an element of risk that data will be lost. However, even if that were to happen, the data would not really be gone. Most of us might not be able to find or retrieve it, but experts can. The same goes for the data we do want to permanently lose. Hiring a mobile shredding company is the best option to ensure that nothing will be retrieved from your old hard drives.