Need More Office Space? Onsite Shredding Services

Need More Office Space? Onsite Shredding Services

Office space is expensive, especially in desirable urban areas. Businesses can find themselves growing out of their original space and being priced out of their location because a large space there is unaffordable. Building an extension isn’t really an option. Dublin is currently facing an office space shortage, and experts are divided over whether or not this will soon come to an end. Brexit certainly contributed to this, but TMT firms are the main drivers for the abrupt change in the past four years.

Renting storage space can work for some companies when they have a large volume of documents or items they must keep. But for many businesses, the solution is to tackle the clutter. Purge the unnecessary equipment, documentation, hard drives and branded uniforms that are no longer used. Think of how much easier it will be to find paper files when the cabinets are not stuffed to capacity. And imagine what you could do with the space if you could get rid of two or three file cabinets. A massive clear out is a great way to get more office space without moving. And onsite shredding services including hard drive destruction methods mean offices can clear out documents and data without worrying about security.

Unless there is a compelling legal reason or requirement to keep old correspondence and paperwork, you can dispose of it. If you might need it for your own reference, you can simply scan it into your computer system and keep a digital copy. Many offices are wasting prime space storing old computers because they contain sensitive information on their hard drives. But like paper, those hard drives can be shredded, ensuring the data is destroyed forever. Modern hard drive destruction methods include onsite shredding services. That means companies can gain more office space without moving or even bringing their old documents and computers anywhere.

How Onsite Shredding Services Expand Your Office Space

Once you have identified which materials can be shredded, you can contact mobile shredding services and request a visit. Their paper shredding and hard drive destruction methods do more than safely destroy sensitive data. They also free up space in the office. But that space can be filled up quickly if management doesn’t take a proactive stance.

It helps to set a goal about how much space to create and create a plan for how to use it. If you remove three file cabinets, can you add a workstation or expand existing ones to create a more comfortable space for everyone? If you’re only able to remove one or two cabinets, can you re-configure workspaces to make them more efficient? That can motivate staffers to be as ruthless as is responsible in clearing out old documents. This will take some time, so management needs to be aware of that. Most businesses have natural cycles where things slow down. That’s an ideal time to devote some staff time to clear out old documents.

Old computers often get put out of sight in attics or storage areas. But those spaces can be better used for storing stationary, old files you are obliged to keep or other things that are now cluttering up the workspace. Onsite shredding services that include hard drive destruction methods mean you can reclaim this space while also adhering best practices for secure data destruction.