Secure Paper Shredding – GDPR Data Protection

Secure Paper Shredding – GDPR Data Protection

GDPR data protection is not just about electronic data. These regulations also apply to data stored the old fashioned way – on paper. So secure paper shredding is essential for any business that stores information about individuals on paper such as medical clinics, utility companies, solicitors, accountants, waste management providers,  financial services brokers, counsellors and therapists, housecleaners, insurance companies and brokers, and many others. Any business storing personal information such as a client’s name, address, date of birth, financial or medical details needs to store this information securely and also dispose of it appropriately to meet their legal and ethical obligations under the GDPR data protection requirements.

In the office, this means that paper files must be stored securely and be accessible only to authorized staff members. On a day to day basis, it is good practice for all staff to be aware and safeguard this information so one person’s details are not left visible on a desk where they are meeting with another client. We are all under pressure to get things done and to multi-task these days. But that means people can easily leave files and documents out on a desk or counter, inadvertently providing an opportunity for one person to see another’s private details. This is actually a breach of GDPR data protection requirements.

GDPR Data Protection & Old Files

Every business has a turnover of clients. Some stay for decades or even their entire adult lifetime, but others move from the area or simply switch to the competition. People might only need the service once, and then the company never hears from them again. So every business has old files that they no longer need. Some fields have legal or professional regulations about how long these old files must be held. And now every business has an obligation to dispose of them safely, ideally with secure paper shredding.

Using professional mobile secure paper shredding services will not only ensure that the data is destroyed but also reassure customers that the company takes their privacy seriously. Displaying a Certificate of Destruction shows clients that the company takes it GDPR data protection responsibilities very seriously. It also means staff time is not lost to shredding paper in-house so the staff can focus on using their expertise to do their actual jobs. When paper is shredded on site, any worry about data being compromised in transit is erased.

Secure paper shredding is a concern for businesses across a wide swath of fields from retailers to professional services to utility companies. It’s a task that is easily and efficiently done by a mobile paper shredding service. If you have any concerns about how to ensure that your company is meeting its GDPR data protection obligations or about how secure paper shredding works, our team is happy to talk about how we can help you.