Why Hire a Mobile Shredding Company for Office Clear Outs

Why Hire a Mobile Shredding Company for Office Clear Outs

The new year is an ideal time for an office clear out, and a mobile shredding company can help you start the year right. Clutter can create stress and reduce productivity. It is a distraction. If an office is full of clutter, it makes it harder to find what is needed quickly. It also creates the sense that efficiency is not important to the company.

When everyone comes back to the office after Christmas, one way to get the new year started right is to hire a mobile shredding company and do a large office clear out. Every business accumulates files that are no longer needed. Maybe they are related to former clients or suppliers, or they can even be internal documents such as personnel files for long-gone staff members. But if there is not a legal or practical reason to keep them, they are simply taking up space. In short, they are clutter – even if they are in a cabinet out of sight. Do make sure your company is free to dispose of the files before you call a mobile shredding company. It makes sense to hang on to some things such as the company’s old accounts and tax records or personnel files of anyone who was fired or injured on the job. But if they can go, they should.

Mobile Shredding to Start the Year Right

This is the ideal time for an office clear out because it is a productive way to transition staff back from the Christmas break. People will be doing useful tasks, sorting and tidying, that allow them to chat a bit and catch up with each other. Most of us enter the new year with enthusiasm for improving ourselves and our lives, and a large office tidy-up harnesses that energy. Of course, there might be more urgent things to do first, but you can capture that new year enthusiasm throughout January and even February.

Although we are past the solstice, the days are still short and dark. Giving your staff a day to come to work in casual clothes and do something different is a way to break up the work week. Put on some music, order in some pizza and clear out those files together! It is the most budget-friendly team-building exercise going.

While it is great to give everyone a chance to get away from their normal duties to help with the clear out, you don’t want people stuck at the shredder for hours. That’s tedious, and it is not a good use of their time. That’s why it makes sense to hire a mobile shredding company to securely destroy those documents you no longer need. A professional mobile shredding company can also provide a certificate of destruction confirming that your company has followed best practice for destroying potentially sensitive information. And think of all the frustration avoided when the cabinets hold only the information you need, and not any old, inactive files.