Why Summer Camps Need Secure Paper Shredding

Why Summer Camps Need Secure Paper Shredding

Summer is a carefree time. If you are organising summer camps, you want to focus on giving children a fantastic week of fun while teaching them new skills and encouraging them to try new things. Of course, there are administrative details to consider too, including GDPR data protection. And that is where hiring a secure paper shredding company can make summer more carefree for the behind-the-scenes summer camp staff too.

Parents bringing their children to your camp are trusting you with the most precious and important thing in their lives. They’re also trusting you with quite a lot of personal, private information. From their credit card details to their children’s medical information, parents provide summer camps with a good deal of sensitive information. Summer camp staff are obliged to protect this information and the privacy of the families involved, just like any other business under GDPR data protection requirements. Many camps also use volunteers, and their details, along with those of staff, are also an issue.

GDPR Data Protection Starts Before Camp

The first step to ensuring your summer camp is operating in compliance with GDPR requirements is designing your registration forms to ensure parents and guardians understand your policies. They need to know who will have access to their details and why, as well as how long your organisation will store the information. Forms should explicitly ask for their permission to be contacted about future events, as well if they consent to photos of their child being taken and used for promotional material or shared with media or online. The same GDPR data protection principles apply to information obtained electronically or on paper.

Cleaning up after a children’s summer camp can be hard work, but you can make it much easier by hiring a professional company for secure paper shredding. Designate a safe location for registration forms to be held before, during and for a period after the camp. Often when it is time to destroy the forms to protect the privacy of those involved, fewer staff and volunteers are available to do the task. But instead of spending a day feeding a few sheets of paper into a shredder at a time, you can hire professional, data destruction experts who will arrive in their own mobile shredding unit and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Camp organisers work hard and play hard during the summer. You’re providing a valuable service that gives children wonderful memories, skills and new friends. Summer camps are also extremely important for working parents. And when it is all over, the people who made it happens deserve a break too. A professional secure paper shredding specialist such as Cyclone can step in and ensure you meet your GDPR data protection requirements while you sit back and relax. Visit our website and request a quote today.